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The Clearance Process

Employee clearance information

In accordance with CSU Policy (8030.00) and the State Administrative Manual (8580.4), CSUMB has established clearance procedures to ensure access to job-related resources, databases, and facilities are properly revoked.

Separating employees should review the FAQ and Employee Clearance Checklist before leaving the University. Once the clearance process is initiated, important communications from Payroll and Benefits will be issued. Please be sure to continue checking your campus email for these messages.

Separating employee responsibility

-Please provide as much notice as possible to your department and complete the Resignation Form provided on this site.

-Ensure that your final absences have been entered into CMS.

-Return the following to your supervisor or the appropriate campus office as designated in the Employee Clearance Checklist:

  • Parking permit
  • Keys
  • Otter ID card
  • Equipment purchased with professional development funds, if applicable
  • State property, such as laptops, tablets, or other checked-out equipment
  • Department property
  • Outstanding travel documents or reimbursement forms
  • Library material

-Schedule an appointment with the Benefits Analyst in UP to discuss any questions about your benefits or retirement, if applicable.

-Ensure that your current address is on file in CMS for W-2 and warrant purposes.

-Ensure that you have transferred ownership of any Google docs, sheets, forms, etc. that your department will need once you're gone. Once your account is deactivated by IT, all emails, calendars, docs, forms, etc. associated with that account are deleted within 30 days. Once files have been deleted, IT cannot retrieve them.

NOTE: All secure computer access, travel and procurement cards, and ID card door access will be revoked appropriately on your date of separation.

Department responsibility for separating employee

Route the completed Resignation Form for signature and deliver to UP.

At an appropriate time before the employee leaves, complete the Clearance Process Checklist and perform checkout:

  • Collect any department property loaned or used by the employee.
  • Shred travel or procurement cards and discard.
  • Return keys, ID card, or parking permits to the appropriate campus office.
  • Ensure Signature Authorization is current with the Accounting department.
  • Approve final absences in CMS Absence Management.

Employee Clearance Checklist

An overview of the departments/offices typically included in the clearance process.

Employee Separation FAQ

Common questions and answers for separating employees.

Supervisor/Department FAQ

Common questions and answers for supervisors and department support staff.

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