Human Resources

Change of Name

To report a name change, submit a completed Employee Action Request to Payroll and show a Social Security Card with your new name.

To change your campus email (IT account), after your new name has been entered into CMS, you can submit an Email Address Name Change. Be sure to include your CSUMB username, new and old name for verification.

Preferred name

Your preferred name is used on any online system. You can change your preferred name at any time in CMS, but these changes can take a few days to show up everywhere on campus. To change your preferred name:

  • Log into CMS
  • Click on MB Employee Self Service
  • Under Personal information, click Names
  • You should have a Preferred name in the list of names, click Edit next to it.
  • Edit your name information and click Save
  • Please allow 2-3 days for all systems to be updated, this includes any benefits providers as well.