Human Resources

Academic-Related Volunteer Appointments

Individuals may provide service to CSUMB by serving as avolunteer without compensation. Academic-related volunteers may be assigned to perform a variety of functions for university offices and programs ranging from basic clerical tasks to complex administrative assignments or research.

It is important that any individual who will be undertaking a task on campus be placed in"volunteer" status. The volunteer classification is used to provide volunteers Worker's Compensation and state liability coverage.

All volunteers must be processed through Human Resources and Payroll Services. The appropriate administrator will submit a written recommendation to the UHR prior to the dates that an individual begins providing services. The letter of appointment should be accompanied by:

  • CSUMB Volunteer Appointment Form containing:
  1. Acknowledgment that services are voluntary and without compensation
  2. Oath of Allegiance
  3. Effective dates of appointment
  4. Authorization of Appropriate Administrator or Department Chair (if delegated)
  • Statement of duties
  • Approximate schedule: days of week and hours

Volunteers will comply with pertinent University regulations, policies and procedures. Additionally, volunteers who drive state vehicles must comply with the regulations which govern the use of state vehicles.

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