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Post Proposition 64 FAQs for Students

Q:  Is marijuana now OK to have on campus?

A: No. CSUMB is held to two federal laws: the Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. These two laws require the university to prohibit all illegal drugs if we are to continue receiving any federal funding - which includes financial aid, work study, and federal grants. And since marijuana is still illegal under Federal law, it remains an illegal substance to possess, sell or use. CSUMB must, therefore, continue to prohibit its use, possession or sale on campus.

Q: Since CSUMB is part of the CSU System and since marijuana use is now legal in California, doesn't CSUMB have to abide by California law?

A: Possession, use, transport, cultivation, and sale of marijuana remain illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act. Failure to follow federal law would cause the university to jeopardize millions of federal dollars that support students and programs. CSUMB is also governed by policies set by the CSU Chancellor's Office. The Chancellor has also recognized the risk of federal funds being cut and has made it clear that CSU marijuana policies will not be changed.

Q: I'm a medical marijuana patient and have a medical marijuana card. Can I now use marijuana on campus?

A: No. The Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act (see FAQ 1 above) do not distinguish between medical and non-medical use. Because of this, CSUMB, like all colleges and universities, prohibits any marijuana use on campus, regardless of a student's medical status.

Q: Can I grow a few cannabis plants in my residence hall room or East Campus apartment?

A: No. First, if you check your housing contract and the Student Housing & Residential Life Community Standards you will see that all drug use is prohibited in university property and will result in conduct action. Second, refer back to the discussion of the Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act in FAQ 1 above. All campus housing areas must prohibit illegal drug use as defined by federal law.

Q: My student club would like to have a cannabis brownie bake sale to raise money. If we hold the sale off campus, is that a problem?

A: Yes. That's a problem. First, make sure you understand the new [California State law's details about Proposition 64](,_Marijuana_Legalization_(2016)) and who can legally sell cannabis products. Your bake sale would most likely be illegal under that law alone. Second, CSUMB is governed under the Drug-Free Schools and Community Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act (see FAQ 1 above). This means all campus sanctioned activities - including student club/organization fund raising - must remain drug-free as defined by federal law. And federal law still includes marijuana as a banned substance.

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