Health Promotion and Education

Condom Dispenser Program

According to the National Collegiate Health Assessment (NCHA) conducted at CSUMB in spring 2018, 54.8% of students who took the survey reported that they or their partner used an external condom the last time they had vaginal intercourse, which prevents the transmission of STDs/STIs. This percentage is 5.9% lower than the national NCHA comparison group and is 4.4% lower than when the assessment was previously conducted at CSUMB in spring 2015.

The Condom Dispenser Program (CDP)* aims to increase access and promote awareness of condom use to reduce the risk of STD/STI transmission by providing no cost external condoms to residents in main campus and east campus housing areas. The links below provide more educational material and resources:

*The CDP is a collaboration between Health Promotion & Education, Student Housing & Residential Life, Campus Planning & Development, Campus Facilities, the Dean of Students and the Monterey County Health Department Division of Communicable Disease. This collaborative effort has provided 14 dispensers that have been installed across on-campus housing units.