Foundation of CSUMB


Code of Ethics

Each Board Director bears the responsibility of abiding by ethical standards in all public conduct, including all services provided in support of the Foundation.

Due Diligence

The Board of Directors exercises due diligence in supporting the Foundation of CSUMB. Specifically, each Director:

  • Acts in good faith
  • Provides the care that an ordinarily prudent person in a like position would exercise under similar circumstances
  • Acts in the Foundation's best interests at all times
  • Is fully informed about the Foundation's financial status
  • Has full and accurate information to make informed decisions
  • Is familiar with the policies and procedures governing the Foundation

Loyalty and Conflicts of Interest

Each Director acts in the best interest of the Foundation, not in the personal interest of any individual or other organization. All Directors and Foundation staff must voluntarily disclose any known or potential conflicts of interest.


The Board of Directors adopts policies and procedures to ensure that all fundraising and gift management activities meet or exceed all applicable laws and ethical standards.


The Foundation of CSUMB pays no more than reasonable compensation for services rendered. Directors are not compensated except to reimburse service-related expenses, or in special circumstances when such compensation is determined to be in the best interest of the Foundation and incurs no conflict of interest.