Financial Aid


Your award letter may also include other awards that have been reported to the CSUMB Financial Aid Office. These awards include scholarships from private donors, California Veteran fee waivers, and Vocational Rehabilitation compensation. Below is information about some of these awards.

Cal Vet Tuition Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents

This is a waiver that covers mandatory tuition at CSUMB only and does not include campus fees. You are responsible for covering those fees which include student union fees, student health service fees, among many others.

If you are eligible for this waiver, you will not be eligible for California State aid.

For more information, contact your local County Veterans Service Office. You can also contact Giselle Young, CSUMB VA Benefits Coordinator at

International Student Non-Resident Fee Waiver

International F-1 degree seeking students may be eligible for the International Student Non-Resident Fee Waiver. Recipients of this award receive a partial or full waiver for the non-resident fee portion of their tuition. This award ranges from $1,000 to $12,000 and must be applied for every year. The primary purpose of the waiver is to recognize international students who display exceptional scholastic achievements and dedication.

For more scholarship information:

Alan Pattee Scholarship Act: Tuition Fee Waiver

Pursuant to the Alan Pattee Scholarship Act, Education Code Section 68120, children of deceased public law enforcement or fire suppression employees, who were California residents and who were killed in the course of law enforcement or fire suppression duties, are not charged mandatory system-wide fees or tuition of any kind at any California State University campus. Students who may qualify for these benefits should contact Ashlie McCallon at or (831) 582-4077.

Graduate research assistant tuition waiver

California State University Executive Order 611 allows campus presidents or their designees to waive the State University Fee for graduate students who are employed as Teaching Associates (Class Code 2353 or 2354) or Graduate Assistants (Class Code 2355).

At CSUMB, the selection criterion includes 1) scholastic performance and 2) research and/or professional experience. Only students who have been awarded TA or GA positions are eligible for the waiver and they must continue to serve in these positions for each of the semesters that they receive the waiver. The waiver is for graduate students enrolled in state supported graduate programs only. Recipients must be engaged in full-time studies towards their degree, which means a minimum of 8 units per semester, this requirement may allow for a half time course load in certain situations.

Students who are interested in receiving a Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Waiver must first speak to the Dean or Chair of their academic program. All Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Waivers are initiated by the academic program, not directly by the student.

The Department Dean and the Student must complete the Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Waiver Form and submit to the Financial Aid Office by May 1 for the following Fall Semester and December 1st for the following Spring Semester.