Scholarships are awarded as money that can be used to pay for educational expenses. Scholarships do not need to be paid back and are a great way to pay for your expenses.

Although the process can be overwhelming, please make sure to check the scholarship binder regularly for updated scholarship information. We are located on the 3rd floor of the Student Services Building (#47). Fall is the best time to search and apply for scholarships.

When you receive a scholarship that is outside of CSUMB, make sure you notify Ashlie McCallon in our office. This will allow us to add your award. Also, pay attention to the scholarship requirements.

CSUMB Scholarship Application is now CLOSED

CSUMB is offering scholarship opportunities to undergraduate students. The application is now closed! Please be sure you complete all the requirements by the deadline. Be sure to get a head start, you'll need to write a personal statement and need letters of recommendation.

Application Closed

CSUMB Scholarship Tips

Personal Statement

The CSUMB Scholarship Application requires that you type a 1300 word personal statement. We recommend that you type your Personal Statement on Microsoft Word before beginning your scholarship application. Remember to describe your professional aspirations, academic and personal achievements, and any obstacles overcome on the way to where you are now. If you have a history of participation and/or leadership please include this information in your Personal Statement. Visit the CLC for help with your essay!

Scholarship committee review

The CSUMB Financial Aid Scholarship Committee is currently composed of CSUMB Staff, external community members, and CSUMB Faculty. Rotation of committee members occurs annually. The current Scholarship Committee Chair is Ashlie McCallon, Financial Aid Counselor. Ashlie can be reached via email at


An automatic email will be sent to your primary email address upon submitting your scholarship application. The Financial Aid Office will notify all scholarship winners via CSUMB email.

Students who are not selected for a CSUMB Scholarship will also be notified via CSUMB email as soon as time permits.

Thank you letter requirement

All scholarship recipients must submit a thank you letter for each scholarship award.

All scholarship winners will receive an award notification email that will include instructions on how to compose and submit a thank you letter. All thank you letters must be received by the deadline given in the award notification letter. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a voided scholarship award.