External Scholarship Opportunities

The CSUMB Financial Aid Office has compiled a list of external scholarships that are offered through private agencies and organizations. Please be advised the CSUMB Financial Aid Office is impartial to the views and opinions of the scholarships complied in the list. The website will be continuously updated and new scholarships will be posted when they become available. Eligibility requirements and application deadlines may change without our knowledge. All requested materials should be submitted to the address indicated on the application and/or website.

We advise students to thoroughly research an organization prior to submitting a scholarship application. Any student using the Internet to apply for scholarships should be aware of possible scams.

Teacher.org scholarship program

Teacher.org is a teacher advocacy site for students interested in considering teaching (and many other avenues within the field of Education) as a career.

We offer a yearly $2,5000 scholarship for college students studying to become teachers or work in the field of education. The "Inspire Our Future" scholarship is open to undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral candidates.

Applicants can major in the following:

Child Development (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate), Early Childhood Education (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate), Education (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate), Educational Administration (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate), Secondary Education (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate), and Special Education (Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate).

For students studying Elementary Education, view the Elementary Education Degree scholarship.

In addition to our own scholarship, we inform prospective teachers about many other scholarship opportunities that are available to them. View Teaching Scholarships and Grants.

Adelante Fund Scholarship Program

Available to: Undergraduate Applicants

Deadline: Varies

Award Range: $3,000

Minimum GPA: 3.00

Eligibility Requirements: Full-time student at a college or university. Must be pursuing a degree in business or related field. Must be eligible for financial aid from a federal or state-funded program.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) Scholarship

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities' (HACU) Scholarship Program will have more than $300,000 available in scholarships this upcoming school year. As a benefit of CSUMB's membership with HACU, students are encouraged to apply for the HACU Scholarship Program. Please note that applicants must be attending a HACU member institution at the time scholarship awards are made. Visit HACU's website for a complete listing of HACU members.

HACU scholarships are available for the following majors:

Accounting - HACU Deloitte Student Leadership Award $10,000



Motor sport industry

International business

Computer sciences


Business administration

Information technology

Some scholarship programs welcome all majors to apply.

Monterey County Film Commission scholarship

Available to: Undergraduate/Graduate students

Deadline: Varies

Award Range: $500-1,000

Minimum G.P.A: 2.0

Eligibility Requirements: Applicants must be a resident of Monterey County

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Available to: Undergraduate/Graduate students

Deadline: Varies

Award Range: $500-1,000

Minimum G.P.A: Varies

Citizenship: Not required

Eligibility Requirements: Must be admitted or enrolled in a full-time undergraduate/graduate program of study in an accredited four-year college or university.

John S. Myszak Scholarship For Future Teachers

Available to: Undergraduate Sophomores and Teaching Credential Students

Deadline: May 1st

Award Amount: $250

Eligibility Requirements: Minimum 3.0 GPA, U.S. Citizen, California resident, Enrolled Full Time. Scholarships will be awarded in the fall.

Application Process:

Students must submit an essay answering the following questions

1) What motivates you to become a teacher?

2) What you hope to accomplish during your teaching career?

Include one letter of recommendation from a faculty member who is familiar with your academic potential and your commitment in the field of teaching/education

Include a copy of your academic transcripts from prior and/or present institutions attended.

Submit Application Materialsto: John S. Myszak Scholarship For Future Teachers, 1721 St. Helena Street, Seaside, CA. 93955.

Philanthropic educational organization

Willis W. and Ethel M. Clark Foundation Fellowship

Available to: Graduate Students

Deadline: January (every year)

Award Range: $10,000

Eligibility Requirements: Completion of an undergraduate degree with an above-average academic history, proven community service and leadership, and attendance as a full-time graduate student in a program leading to an advanced academic or professional degree. Graduate students must also intend to remain in the Monterey County upon completion of graduate degree.

Jacqueline McManus Memorial Scholarship

Available to: Graduate/Undergraduate Students

Award Amount: $2500

Eligibility Requirements: Jackie McManus was a local attorney with Fenton and Keller and a board member of United Way Monterey County. As a legal advocate for the nonprofit sector, Jackie provided exceptional leadership and service to the community, with a special interest in mentoring women and girls. United Way established this scholarship in her memory to assist women 18 years of age or older who want to improve their career opportunities by furthering their education. Interested students are requested to apply through the American Association of University Women.

Apply for the Jacqueline McManus Memorial Scholarship.

Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club Scholarship

Two $1500 scholarships are available. Please see guidelines and application below.

Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club Guidelines 2017-2018

Monterey Cannery Row Application 2017-2018

Deadline: February 24,2017

Delta Kappa Gamma International Society Theta Pi Chapter Scholarship

One $500 scholarship available. Please see fact sheet for criteria and application below.

Delta Kappa Gamma International Society Theta Pi. Chapter Criteria 2017-2018

Delta Kappa Gamma International Society Theta Pi Chapter Application 2017-2018

Deadline: February 15, 2017

Libby Olver Scholarship

Two $2,500 scholarships available. Please see fact sheet for criteria and application below.

Libby Olver Scholarship Criteria 2017-2018

Deadline: March 31,2017

Veterans Benefits Scholarship

Three $2,000 scholarships available. Each eligible student will submit a 500-750 word essay on the following essay topic: Give an example of one veterans benefit and explain how it helps senior veterans. Then propose your own benefit to help senior veterans.

Deadline: December 31,2017

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