Financial Aid


The Financial Aid Office observes the following deadlines:

Add/Drop deadline

Census Date applies to the number of units enrolled on the last day to Add/Drop. Financial aid will be awarded based on the number of units enrolled on this date. Any units added after the last day to Add/Drop will not be counted towards Financial Aid eligibility.

SAP deadline

If a student is on Financial Aid Probation, a SAP Appeal, Individual Learning Plan/Academic Plan, and a SAP Workshop must be completed 30 days after the start of term. If a student is on Financial Aid Warning, the student must attend a SAP Workshop before the end of term. A SAP Workshop schedule & deadline will be published on the Financial Aid Website every semester. The SAP Workshop is designed to discuss the SAP Policy & compliance. Failure to meet the SAP Deadline(s) will jeopardize future Financial Aid Eligibility.

University withdrawal

In the case of students who completely withdraw from CSUMB, Federal regulations mandate that CSUMB adjust all unearned Financial Aid and return funds to the US Department of Education. Unearned Financial Aid will be calculated based on the return to Title IV (R2T4) formula established by Federal Student Aid. The percentage of earned & unearned Financial Aid is calculated based on the percentage of enrollment completed by the student. The Financial Aid Office notifies students of their pending balance (if applicable) as a result of the R2T4 calculation via U.S. Postal Service.

For more information, visit our Withdrawal Procedures webpage.

Payment extension deadline

The Financial Aid Office grants bill payment extensions to students who accepted sufficient financial aid, or a combination of financial aid and payments to cover the entire direct cost per term. You are required to pay the difference between your financial aid and tuition fees by the billing due date. A payment extension indicator will be placed on your student account if you meet the above criteria. You can view the extension indicator on your CMS Student Center page under Holds. Please view the video below for more details.

Students who are ineligible for a payment extension are encouraged to set up a Tuition Fee Installment Payment Plan(IPP). 

We encourage all students to complete necessary documents before the document deadline, and complete all Federal Student Loan requirements prior to the payment deadline. 

Priority document deadline

The Priority Document Deadline is crucially important in guaranteeing a complete Financial Aid Award. Awards must be accepted prior to the Payment Extension Deadline. The average processing time for all documents submitted is 2-5 weeks. We encourage all students to submit required documents and/or any other special circumstance documents as soon as possible. Notification of required documents are sent via email.