Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

At CSUMB, we rely on a federal formula to review every student's financial circumstances and calculate financial aid eligibility according to the Student Aid Index (SAI) formerly known as Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and cost of attendance.

For example, a student living on campus and enrolled full-time has a cost of attendance of $28,717. Suppose the SAI (determined by the Department of Education based on the FAFSA) is $3000. In that case, the financial aid office will subtract the SAI from the cost of attendance to determine financial aid eligibility.

Cost of Attendance: $28,717

Student Aid Index: - $3,000

Financial Aid Eligibility: $25,717

Use our Cost of Attendance Calculator

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance is based on the estimated cost of a typical student's tuition fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation, and personal expenses for a nine-month academic year (fall and spring semester). 

Information on Off-Campus Cost: In accordance with California Assembly Bill 990, CSUMB provides the typical market cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the cities where students commonly reside.

  • Marina: $1,941
  • Seaside: $2,139
  • Monterey: $2,184
  • Salinas: $1,897

The Food and Housing costs included in the off-campus estimated cost of attendance represent the typical costs for students. Actual costs will vary.