Financial Aid

The College Financing Plan

The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) of 2008 focused attention on communicating aid offers to prospective students with the goal of helping families make informed decisions about college.

The College Financing Plan is a form that was designed by the federal government in an effort to create a standardized way for schools to communicate cost information to families while incorporating specific financial aid awards. It includes information on grant and scholarship amounts, net costs, graduation rates, loan default rates, median borrowing, and estimated monthly loan payments after graduation. It is designed to make it easier for families to do side-by-side cost comparisons for each of their selected schools. The Department of Education created the form to assist families in making an informed decision about how to pay for college.

The College Financing Plan is not meant to replace your understanding of awarded financial aid, eligibility requirements, and overall costs you will encounter. It does not include any estimates on personal expenses or fees that may be course specific (i.e. lab fees, art supplies, theater fees, etc). To view your College Financing plan, please log onto your Oasis account and view this information under the financial aid section of Oasis.