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Procurement- Policies & ProceduresGeneral Provisions - University

General Provisions for Acquisition of Goods | CSU Webpage

General Provisions for Acquisition of Services | CSU Webpage

General Provisions for Acquisition of Information Technology | CSU Webpage

Procurement Handbooks

Ethics Code for Procurement

Procurement Card Handbook University (Revised Version 8/2010)

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Payment Matrix and Guidelines

The Payment Matrix will help you determine whether a Direct Payment Request (DPR) or a Purchase Order (PO) is necessary for payment.

Category Codes

This excel spreadsheet will help you identify which category code drives which account code. Do not change the account code once entered into the Purchase Requisition unless you have prior approval from Procurement.

Hospitality Policy

CSU Executive Order No. 761 Hospitality, Payment or Reimbursement of Expenses

CSUMB Catering Form: This form is required prior to hosting any catered event.

ProCard Reconciliation Deadlines