Student FAQ

I would like to transfer to another CSU or UC. What do I need to do?

The first step in transferring to another university is to apply. For information on the application process, you can contact the school you would like to transfer to or, for very general questions, make an appointment with an advisor.

The units for any baccalaureate-level courses (courses numbered 100 or higher) will transfer. This does not include any remedial courses, such as MATH 98: Mathematics Review I (4 units) or WRT 95. If you are transferring to another CSU, your GE requirements will transfer. The CSU you are transferring to will evaluate your coursework and apply it according to the policies of that school.

Our office cannot provide information on how CSUMB courses will transfer to a UC or private institution and we can not provide information on how CSUMB major courses will transfer in to the major at any other institution. You will need to contact your intended institution for that information.

Can I take classes at a community college to meet the General Education Requirements?

For students already enrolled here at CSUMB, the answer is yes. You should view the Articulation web site for specific instructions on how to be sure you are taking the right courses.

How do I find out who my advisor is?

You can see the name of your advisor on your OASIS account, or contact our office by calling 831.582.3937 or email If you are a new student, you may see that you are assigned to Academic Advising. Any advisor can help you and you will eventually be assigned to an individual advisor.

Can I get advising on my major at the Advising Center as well as my GEs?

The Advising Center focuses on university requirements and provides students with general major and career exploration services. For information on major requirements, please see your major advisor or major advising department.

What happens if I get a 'NC' or 'F' in one of my classes?

A grade of 'NC' or 'No Credit', means that you did not receive credit towards the completion of a course or assessment. Although this is a non-passing grade, it will not be included in the calculation of your Grade Point Average (GPA).

A grade of 'F' or 'Fail' also means that you did not receive credit towards the completion of the course or assessment. However, 'F' marks are non-passing grades that are calculated into your GPA. Students who receive financial aid may be placed under financial aid probation or disqualification if a minimum number of required units are not passed during a designated academic term.

Close attention should be paid by all students to grades. If you are increasingly receiving failing grades, you may be placed under academic probation and/or academic disqualification.

I am now fluent in a second language. How can I get credit for it?

You may register for the Language Assessment just like a regular class. Just see the schedule of classes for the language you plan to assess. Complete the registration process for the required number of semesters. Contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures for more information. 831.582.3863.