Step 7: Submit Your Immunization Records by August 1

What immunity records must I show Cal State Monterey Bay?

  • All first-time enrollees who are 18 years of age or younger when the semester begins are required to provide immunization records showing proof of full immunization against the Hepatitis B virus prior to enrollment.
  • This requirement must be completed by August 1. 
  • For more information visit the Campus Health Center Immunization webpage.
Two MSPA students at vaccine clinic


Ways to prove immunity

  • Pediatrician’s statement or record of immunizations
  • State or international immunization records
  • Primary or secondary school records
  • Immunization records from another college or university attended
  • Military records
  • Results of a blood test clearly indicating immunity to hepatitis B
  • If you cannot verify immunity using any of the above sources, you will need to complete the necessary blood tests to determine immunity or receive the required vaccine(s) from a physician or clinic of your choice. The Campus Health Center also provides these services for a fee.

How to submit proof of immunization

  • Immunization records or documents showing proof of immunity are to be submitted through Complio. You will receive an email at your CSUMB address inviting you to create a Complio account after you are enrolled. You may also log on at the following link using your CSUMB Username and Password:

Need to know more?

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact the Campus Health Center at (831) 582-3965.