Graduate, Credential, and Certificate Admissions Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What graduate, credential, or certificate programs are offered at CSUMB?

CSUMB offers a number of excellent master’s, credential, and certificate programs. For a complete list of programs and contact information, please visit our Graduate Programs & Contacts website.

Where can I find my application status?

To find your current application or transcript status, please log into your CSUMB Dashboard. Your official application status will be displayed on your applicant dashboard.

If you believe that you should have had an admission decision but the application status on your CSUMB dashboard shows you as under review and you have not heard from your program regarding your selection status, please contact your program directly for more information.

For general admission information or questions about the status information on your CSUMB Dashboard, please call (831) 582-3738 email

What is my program selection status?

Each post-baccalaureate program has its own selection committee that reviews applicants based on program-specific criteria prior to being evaluated by the Office of Admissions.

If you have applied to a graduate, certificate, or credential program and have not received a program selection decision, please contact your program directly (link to Program list site) for more information.

If you have received communication that you have been selected by your program but your CSUMB Dashboard status shows that you are still under review, you may be undergoing evaluation by the Office of Admissions or your application may be incomplete due to missing transcripts or other documentation. Please check your checklist and transcript status on your Dashboard to verify your documents have been received.

I missed the deadline to apply, can I still submit an application?

If you missed the CalState Apply application deadline, you cannot submit a late application without program approval. Please contact your desired program directly to see if they will consider granting a late application exception.

If your program will not grant an exception, please apply for the next available term.

I attended a college/university outside of the U.S., what documents should I submit?

Students that attended a school outside of the U.S., including Study Abroad programs, may be required to submit additional documentation, such as a foreign credit evaluation or translations, for their application.

Please visit our Domestic Applicants with International Documents (DWID) website to determine which documents you need to submit.

What is the school code to send test scores (TOEFL and GRE)?

If an assessment company requires a school code to send test scores, please use the CSUMB school code - 1945.

When is my orientation?

Each program conducts its own orientation session individually. If you have been officially admitted to the university, please review the communications from your program regarding the next steps and orientation information. Please contact your program directly if you need further assistance.

How do I pay my $100 Enrollment Confirmation Fee?

The $100 Enrollment Confirmation Fee confirms that you will be attending CSUMB and will be applied to your tuition payment for your first term. Because this fee is non-refundable, we do not advise applicants to make this payment until after they have been officially admitted to the university by the Office of Admissions.

If you have been officially admitted to the university and are ready to confirm your enrollment, a direct link to the Enrollment Confirmation page was included in your official admission e-mail message and on your CSUMB Dashboard message. Make sure to select the Graduate Enrollment Confirmation option for your application term.