Dual Enrollment at Cal State Monterey Bay

Ana Munoz LAEP


Welcome to the CSUMB Dual Enrollment Program!

This unique opportunity allows high school students in specific California Districts to dive into advanced scholastic or vocational courses while still in high school. Our program is designed to enrich your educational experience without replacing your current high school curriculum. It's a perfect chance for eligible students to ease into college life, get a taste of college-level classes, and transition smoothly from high school to university.

Parents and students, rest assured that participation in this program is carefully considered by your school’s principal and requires parental consent. Once approved, students can enroll as special part-time or full-time students during any academic term. This is more than just taking advanced courses; it’s about stepping into a collegiate atmosphere early on and getting a head start on your future.

Explore the possibilities with us and see how dual enrollment can provide you with an invaluable early college experience. 

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What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual enrollment, which provides opportunities for high school students to take college courses and earn college credit, is an important way to expand educational opportunities, improve economic mobility, and meet California’s workforce needs. Courses are dependent on each agreement with various high school districts in California. 

Click here to view current High School partnerships with Cal State Monterey Bay

Am I eligible for Dual Enrollment at CSUMB?

  • Full-time CA student enrolled in a high school district with an agreement with CSUMB
  • CSUMB Dual Enrollment Application
  • Parental/Guardian permission
  • School recommendation from principal/designee
  • Required minimum GPA (dependent on each district)
  • Satisfactory academic progress and no academic or disciplinary conduct issues
  • Students must submit a new CSUMB online DE Program Application each term they wish to attend.
  • Students must submit an online application to CSUMB each term they wish to attend.
  • Students must be prepared to show how they have met a course prerequisite if required.
  • Students who have previously enrolled and who have dropped their courses multiple times and/or have not made satisfactory progress will not be allowed to continue their participation in the Program.
  • In certain districts, students will be allowed to take only up to three courses per semester/term.

How do I apply?

Step 1: Submit online application

Step 2: Read the "Special Note to the Parents/Legal Guardians and Minor Students Attending Cal State Monterey Bay" and have your parent or guardian Submit the online Parental/Guardian Approval form

Steo 3: Assure your principal or their designee completes the Online Principal Approval Form