Applying to CSUMB FAQ

Am I given priority if I apply early?

No. Application dates will not be a factor in your admission decision.

Where do I go to apply?

To apply to Cal State Monterey Bay, you need to fill out an application at

Do I have to pay my application fee immediately?

Yes. You must pay the $55 application fee later online in order to submit your application. In case of financial hardship, campuses allow a limited number of application fe​e waivers for residents of California. If you file the admission application online, the fee waiver request is available during the application process. You will be notified at the time you apply online if you qualify for the fee waiver.

I made a mistake on my application, what do I do?

Prior to submitting, make sure to take your time when filling out the admissions application. Once an application is submitted, you cannot make changes.

If you realize you made an error, after submitting the application, on personal data such as name, address, date of birth, or social security, you must fill out the Request to Update Applicant Personal Data form and follow the instructions on the form.

When do I send transcripts?

Freshmen, Transfers, and Graduate applicants will have different dates for transcripts. The deadline for transcripts will be clearly posted on your dashboard when you first log in.

Can I email or fax you my transcripts?

No. Transcripts must come to our office in a sealed envelope with a school official’s signature on the actual transcript. We will not consider faxed or emailed transcripts official.

When do I send test scores?

High school seniors must send their test scores by the end of December to guarantee that the scores will be included in their evaluation.

My grades have improved since I applied. Can I resend transcripts?

You may, but the university will typically evaluate students based on the time they applied. There is no guarantee that new grades will be taken into account.

What classes do you look at when calculating my GPA?

For high school seniors, only your sophomore and junior college preparatory grades will be calculated. Your senior grades will be added to your GPA calculation after graduation to verify your eligibility.

For college transfer students, we will evaluate you based on all college transferable coursework.

For graduate students, we will evaluate you based on your most recent 60 units of college level coursework.

When will I receive an admission decision?

Fall undergraduate applicants will receive admission decisions in February through March. Graduate applicants are admitted after their program reviews their application material. International applicants are admitted on a "rolling" basis after they apply.

I’m applying to a graduate program, do I still apply on Cal State Apply?

Yes, all grad students apply on Cal State Apply and send transcripts to the Office of Admissions. We will verify that you have a bachelor’s degree and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in your last 60/90 units or overall bachelor's degree GPA.