Strategic Initiatives

By straddling economic, redevelopment, and community planning functions, development initiatives facilitate sustainable growth by engaging with our community and forming  partnerships that expedite the realization of CSUMB as a comprehensive university both physically and academically. 

Uniquely situated on the former Fort Ord Military Base, campus redevelopment presents an additional level of complexity  and endless opportunity. Strategic Initiatives provides cabinet-level leadership representation as well as technical experts in areas such as: habitat, utilities, transportation, sustainability and the historical basewide context that is required to create campus-community projects and solve campus-community inherited regional development challenges.

Background: CSUMB as a Catalyst for Economic Revitalization

The Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan identifies CSUMB and two other higher education institutions—the University of California Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology Center and Monterey Peninsula College, that also received Fort Ord property conveyances pursuant to the Base Realignment and Closure process—as catalysts for the economic revitalization of the region and integral to the community-building strategy for the base. 

Already, according to The Impact of The California State University, in 2019, the Central Coast CSU campuses (CSU Channel Islands, CSU Monterey Bay and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo) supported: 

    • nearly 25,800 local jobs 
    • $800 million in labor income 
    • $2.45 billion in regional industry activity And generated: 
    • $158 million in state and local tax revenue 

Do you have a proposal for Strategic Initiatives?

  1. Real Estate and Land Development / Real property development (CSU public private partnerships) - acquisitions, leases, agreements and easements
  2. Regional development representation - Campus participation in regional/extra-campus development issues (meetings, boards, committees, working groups, etc).
  3. Other partnerships