Academic Senate

University Requirement Curriculum Committee (URCC)

The URCC is a Senate committee oversees the following CSUMB requirements: Ethnic Studies (ES), First Year Seminar (FYS), Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), Upper-Division Service Learning (UDSL), World Culture/Language (WCL). 

The URCC will review and give interim approval of learning outcomes and criteria for course certification, and certifies whether a proposed course meets a University Requirement. The URCC’s recommendation for certification of a course shall be in conjunction with the SCCC’s vote on the new course.

2023/2025 URCC members include:

Position First Name Last Name
Co-Chair / FYS Workgroup Facilitator Ryne Leuzinger
Co-Chair / GWAR Workgroup Facilitator Nelson Graff
UDSL Workgroup Facilitator Chrissy Hernandez
US History 1 Becky  Bales
WCL Workgroup Facilitator Yoshiko Saito-Abbott
CAHHS Representative Luis Camara
COB Representative Leslie Boni
COE Representative Rob Weisskirch
CHSHS Representative Steven Machek
COS Representative Frank Macabenta
Library Representative    
Provost Office Rep. (Ex-Officio) Cindy Juntunen