Academic Senate

Post Graduate Studies Committee (PGSC)

The charge of this committee shall include, but not be limited to, initiating, developing, recommending, reviewing and/or supporting:

  • The establishment of criteria for adoption or modification of graduate degree programs or post-baccalaureate certificate and credential programs;
  • Graduate program modification and/or termination;
  • The availability and allocation of adequate resources to support quality graduate programs;
  • Review of proposals for new post-bac and/or graduate programs;
  • Academic policies and standards for post-baccalaureate work;
  • Advocacy for graduate and credential programs;
  • Policies on post-baccalaureate admissions;
  • Appropriate faculty workload with respect to postgraduate and post-baccalaureate courses;
  • Policies for teaching and research assistantships.

2023/25 PGSC members include:

Position First Name Last Name
Chair Cathi  Draper Rodriguez
Educ-PostBac/Credential Megan Sulsberger
ENSCI MS Jennifer Duggan
MAE Erin Ramirez
MBA (Alternates) Nicolas Dahan
MBA (Alternates) Susan Harker
MIST Miguel  Lara
MSW Maria  Gurrola
MS, Marine Science Cheryl Logan
MS, School Psychology Cathi Draper Rodriguez
MS, Speech-Language Pathology Kerrie Chitwood
MS, Physicians' Assistant Christopher Forest
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Dean of Graduate Studies Cindy Juntunen