Post Graduate Studies Committee (PGSC)

The charge of this committee shall include, but not be limited to, initiating, developing, recommending, reviewing and/or supporting:

  • The establishment of criteria for adoption or modification of graduate degree programs or post-baccalaureate certificate and credential programs;
  • Graduate program modification and/or termination;
  • The availability and allocation of adequate resources to support quality graduate programs;
  • Review of proposals for new post-bac and/or graduate programs;
  • Academic policies and standards for post-baccalaureate work;
  • Advocacy for graduate and credential programs;
  • Policies on post-baccalaureate admissions;
  • Appropriate faculty workload with respect to postgraduate and post-baccalaureate courses;
  • Policies for teaching and research assistantships.

2017/19 PGSC members include:

Position First Name Last Name
Chair Cathi Draper Rodriguez
MAE Cathi Draper Rodriguez
Library Kathlene  Hanson
MBA Nicolas Dahan
Educ-PostBac/Credential Megan Sulsberger
MSW Program Director Karen  Rotabi
MIST Miguel  Lara
MS, Physicians' Assistant Christopher Forest
MS, School Psychology Kerrie Chitwood
AMWS Susan Alexander
University College & Graduate Studies Kris  Roney
Appointed Senator Casey McPherson
Graduate Student Representative Stephanie Rivas
Office of Admissions
Financial Aid
Dean of Graduate Studies Kris Roney
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