Academic Senate

General Education Curriculum Committee (GECC)

The General Education (GE) Committee shall review, evaluate, and approve all policies and procedures related to the General Education requirements.

The Committee’s charge shall include, but not be limited to, oversight of General Education policy making appropriate recommendations concerning implementation, conduct, and evaluation of the General Education curriculum and its articulation to the Title V requirements, and the General Education Learning Communities as follows:

  • Review of content, outcomes, criteria and standards of the General Education requirements based on continuing analysis of the vision, objectives and mission of the University and the needs of its students;
  • Evaluate and vote whether a proposed course meets a GE area. The General Education Committee’s transmits its decision in writing to the SCCC. For new courses requesting GE, effecting the GE Committee’s recommendation shall be in conjunction with the SCCC’s vote on the new course;
  • Coordination and consultation among curricular areas of the University in order to assure continuous renewal and quality of the General Education curriculum;
  • Development, review and approval of policies and procedures used by the General Education Committee in course certification;
  • Responsible for decisions that affect the articulation of CSUMB GE requirements with the California General Education Requirements as defined in Title V, and with California Community Colleges and other CSU campuses;
  • Acting as an appeals body to hear and decide appeals of GE decisions and procedures by students and faculty;
  • Considering and initiating proposals for revisions to the GE system, making recommendations to the Academic Senate as appropriate.

2024/26 GE Committee members include:

Position First Name Last Name
Chair Jeff  Corrigan
A1 (Oral Communication) Lee Ritscher
A2 (Written Communication) Aimee Escalante
A3 (Critical Thinking) Tolga Tezcan
B1 (Physical Science) John Olson
B2 (Life Science) George Beckham
B3 (Laboratory Practices) Alison Haupt
B4 (Mathematics / QR) Peri Shereen
C1 (Arts) Axil Chricchio
C2 (Humanities)    
C2 (Humanities [Languages Other Than English]) Rebecca Pozzi
D (General) Dante DiGregorio
D (Civics / SL) Frank "Tyler" Gidney
F (Ethnic Studies) Christi Cervantes
Library Jeff Corrigan
GE Program Director Ryne Leuzinger
Ex Officio:    
Representative, Associated Students    
Representative, Registrar's Office Amy Whitson
Representative, Provost's Office Dale Grubb
Representative, Provost's Office Cindy Juntunen
Representative, Senate Tech Committee