Academic Senate

GE Program Planning Committee (Ad-Hoc)


Fall Semester 2020:

  • Work out concerns around program scope and governance
    • Help the campus understand how the program will benefit students
    • Prepare to bring the Program to the full Senate in late fall
    • Assess how the GE Program will impact undergraduate curriculum


  • Anticipate the needs around implementation of GE Program
    • Build out elements of the GE Program
      • Required metacognitive reading, writing, and/or problem solving for Golden Four
      • Required GE Program learning outcomes throughout GE
      • Adoption of optional GE themes
      • Ensure the coherence of the GE Program
  • Develop an assessment plan for the GE Program
    • Make outreach to and identifying interested faculty and courses
    • Investigate for whom this “concept theme” would actually work. That is, to which majors/program pathways would the “concept theme” cater? Whose students could fit this into their pathways without increasing time to graduation?
    • Develop granular detail for a “concept theme” including courses, numbers of sections, number of students, a living-learning community, and extra-curricular programming
    • Develop explicit ideas for how themed courses would be connected to each other


Until the GE Program Proposal is approved by the Academic Senate or May 28, 2021


Position Name
GE Program Director, Chair Swarup Wood
GECC Chair  Brad Barbeau
CAHSS Luis Camara
COB Leslie Boni
COE Aimee Escalante
COS Lipika Deka
University College  Nelson Graff
Library Ryne Leuzinger
FYS Mercedes Maciel
Advising  Sharon Anderson
Student Affairs Derek Gutierrez
Associated Students Marie Alonzo