Academic Senate

Faculty Affairs Committee

The charge of the Faculty Affairs Committee shall be to define, review, and recommend policies and procedures regarding:

  • Professional standards of conduct and ethics;
  • Resources in support of faculty development and success;
  • Retention, tenure and promotion (RTP) criteria and procedures;
  • Faculty recruitment and hiring;
  • Faculty merit awards and recognition;
  • Faculty workload;
  • Standards for awarding honorary degrees.

2021/23 members of the Faculty Affairs committee include:

Position First Name Last Name
Chair, Elected Member Aparna Sreenivasan
Elected Member Kevin Grobman
Elected Member Jill Hosmer-Jolley
Elected Member Dennis Kombe
Elected Member Joel Ryman
Elected Member Ernest Stromberg
Elected Member Rob Weisskirch
AVP, Human Resources and Academic Personnel Natalie King