Academic Senate

Appeals and Grievances Committee

The Committee’s charge is to assess faculty and student grievances to determine whether a hearing by this committee is appropriate and is not in conflict with University policies or the CFA/CSU collective bargaining agreement. The Committee's jurisdiction shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Faculty grievances related to violations of University policy;
  • Faculty workload inequities;
  • Violations of faculty standards and faculty misconduct;
  • Confidential faculty personnel problems related to academic standards;
  • Student appeals regarding grading and assessment, other than those under the purview of the Senate Curriculum Committee Council, reinstatement, and other academic action.

2023/25 Appeals and Grievances Committee members include:

Position First Name Last Name
Elected Member of the Assembly Mohamed Abouzahra
Elected Member of the Assembly Katie Grobman
Elected Member of the Assembly Justin Matthews
Elected Member of the Assembly Heiko Wieland
Elected Member of the Assembly    
Associated Student Rep.