Academic Senate Executive Committee (ASEC)

The Academic Senate Executive Committee (ASEC) shall charge the Standing Committees of the Senate such tasks as it deems appropriate to each committee. The Executive Committee shall receive agenda, reports and recommendations from the standing committees. The Executive Committee shall review the recommendations and, when it deems necessary, provide advice to the committees before the recommendations are referred to the Academic Senate. The Executive Committee shall receive the opinions of faculty members on matters affecting the welfare of the University. The Executive Committee shall organize the elections and serve as the electoral committee for both the Academic Senate and the Academic Assembly.

2017-2019 Academic Senate Executive Committee (ASEC) and officers of the Academic Assembly include:

Position First Name Last Name
Chair Michael Scott
Vice Chair Scott Fausti
Secretary Lipika Deka
Parliamentarian Jacqueline Grallo
Faculty-At-Large Jennifer Dyer-Seymour
Faculty-At-Large Marylou Shockley
Chair, SCCC Sharon Anderson
Statewide Senator Vanessa Lopez-Littleton
Statewide Senator Scott Waltz
Provost Bonnie Irwin
Associated Student Rep. Melissa Arellano
Associated Student Rep. Ana Gonzalez
Agendas & Minutes