The Mini-Corps program allows students with a migrant rural background to work through the summer and school-year programs with migrant children in California.

The Mini-Corps tutors use their talent, skills, and dedication to work in migrant impacted classrooms and serve as the link between the migrant community and the schools. They become personally acquainted with each child and their family. Most importantly, they are role models that help to raise the aspirations of migrant children.

Role of Mini-Corps tutors

The Mini-Corps tutor works with the migrant students and serves as a positive role model for them.

Tutors encourage migrant children to continue their education and provide a communication link between the migrant child, his/her parents, and the school.

The tutor helps classroom teachers to better understand the migrant child and his/her culture. The tutor is an advocate for the migrant child and family.

The tutor is expected to work 10-20 hours a week under the supervision of a classroom teacher and the Mini-Corp College Coordinator.

The tutor receives in-service training through educational workshops. The in-service includes workshops on the issues of the rural migrant farm worker and his/her family. Major emphasis is on reading, writing, English Language Development, and math.

The tutor participate in community service projects in the community.

Criteria for admission

If you are interested in applying to be a mini-corps tutor, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be enrolled as a full time students in an undergraduate program
  • have a financial need
  • be former migrant, farm laborer, or have experiential knowledge of the migrant family life style
  • be interested in providing tutorial services to migrant children
  • be a citizen or meet resident criteria of the United States
  • have an interest in the teaching field
  • meet academic standards for a credential: minimum of 2.0 for freshmen, 2.3 sophomores, 2.5 for juniors and 2.8 seniors
  • be able to communicate in English and with a high degree of proficiency in one of the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, or Punjabi

Contact California Mini-Corps

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