Accounts and Passwords

All students, faculty, staff, and people affiliated with the university are assigned an OtterID account and a password. Your OtterID is used to log in to every system on campus, from campus email to logging into computers, connecting to the wireless network, and using CMS Student/HR and your dashboard.

Applicant students are assigned an OtterID and password 2 business days after they submit an application to CSUMB. If they decide to attend CSUMB, they will use that same OtterID as long as they stay enrolled.

Faculty and staff are assigned their OtterID on the first day of employment. New accounts are requested through an account service request by the new employee’s manager or support staff.

Look up your OtterID

Change Your Otterid Password

Your first Otter ID password is your date of birth in the following format: Monthddyyyy (for instance if your date of birth is 11/20/1990 then your password would be: November201990).

Please log in to the Identity Management System (IDM) and create a new password and set up your forgot password questions. For security reasons, you will be asked to change your password every 180 days.

If you forget your OtterID password, you can look it up using the Identity Management System (but Forgot Password Questions must be set up first).

Google Apps Account

All students, faculty, and staff receive a Google Apps account. This account allows you to access your university Gmail, Calendar, and other university Google products.

You do not need to do anything to register and set up an account with Google. To access university Gmail, Calendar, and other Google products:

  • Sign in to Google using your email address and your CSUMB password.
  • Enter your OtterID and your password.

Email Delegation

CSUMB uses email delegation in Gmail for all generic accounts (e.g.

Email delegation is a process in Gmail where one account can be shared by up to 25 users. You can switch to your generic account from within your inbox. The experience within that group’s inbox is the same as your personal inbox.

Delegated accounts can also share contacts, so a department can maintain their own contact list just for that specific department email.

Please note that no other Google Apps (e.g. Google Drive, YouTube, Blogger) are available to that account beyond email.

Requesting a Delegated Email account

To obtain generic account or gain access to an existing account, please submit a Web Help request.

Accessing your Delegated email account

Learn more about email delegation in general in Google.


With delegated addresses, the mail sent will include both a From and a Sent By email address.

This aligns with the original email specification that began in 1982 and was last updated in 2008 (see section 3.6.2 of RFC 5322), which emphasizes transparency and accountability by indicating "the mailbox of the agent responsible for the actual transmission of the message."

For example, if the From is and the Sent By, then upon Reply or Reply All, only the From is used in the response.

In addition, many email clients outside of Gmail don't even show the Sent By as we see it in Gmail.


There are several resources on campus for electronic storage:

Parent PIN

Learn about the parent PIN and how to find and change your parent PIN.

Account Name Change

If you would like to change your account name, please contact the Campus Service Center to have your name officially changed in CMS.

Once your have submitted the proper paperwork and your name has been changed, you need to submit an IT Account Activation/Change service request. Be sure to include your OtterID, new and old name for verification.

We cannot change your name until it is changed in CMS and we cannot change your OtterID.