Faculty and Staff Campaign

Why Give to CSUMB?

Every member of our faculty and staff works hard each and every day to help ensure success for our students. Now more than ever, we all see our students struggling – whether it be lack of food, money for rent, tools for learning in this unprecedented time, or simply to feel secure enough to stay in college. Access to a college education not only requires dedicated faculty and staff, but also the means to stay to completion. We tirelessly fundraise to ensure both access and success. When requesting grants and gifts to individuals outside the CSUMB community, we can make no better case for support than the fact that our employees believe in our mission wholeheartedly and contribute both time and gifts to CSUMB. Your participation inspires others to give. In order to strengthen our unique educational experience, advance our programs to the next level, strengthen the student experience, enhance faculty and program innovation, and secure our outreach that is vital to the economic, educational and wellness future of the Monterey Bay Peninsula and beyond, we need to first look after our students.

Our talented and hardworking faculty and staff are invested in providing our students with a meaningful experience and strong education, despite current circumstances beyond our control. Your hard work ensures that CSUMB remains unique in providing service to the community, and a personalized education.

Thank you for all you do. In addition to committing their time to CSUMB, many employees also make annual or monthly gifts to the university. Hear from your colleagues about why they give to CSUMB. Your gift really matters!

The 2021 Staff and Faculty Giving Campaign–from February 9 to April 6, 2021 comes at a difficult time for everyone. It is a focused effort to increase faculty and staff donor participation and highlight the impact of giving. Together with the contributions of alumni, parents and friends of CSUMB, your gifts make a significant impact on the students we are now only seeing virtually. We truly do believe in CSUMB!

Questions about making a gift? Contact Annie Warr.

CSUMB Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign 2021 brochure

Why do you contribute support to CSUMB?

I have been a faculty member at CSUMB for nearly half my life, and have grown with the university. From being a “green” faculty member at my first academic position, I am now in my metaphorical senior year.

I am so happy to be a part of the CSU system of education and the CSUMB community - it has shown me much of what was lacking in my own education at less student-centered institutions. Thus, I contribute regularly in any way I can to the betterment of CSUMB, its staff and faculty and, most importantly, to our students.

By contributing even a small amount to the fund of your choice, it shows that another member of our community supports our campus and that makes an enormous difference.

Dr. Daniel Fernandez, Professor of Applied Environmental Science

Faculty co-chair

Donating reaffirms my belief in the value of education and how it can and does change lives. It reaffirms my purpose for being here to do meaningful work that serves the greater good. As a first generation college graduate, I have been the beneficiary of donations given to me directly and indirectly through scholarships, grants and support services to help me succeed. I’m proud and fortunate to be able to experience the benefits that a college education has to offer for myself, my family and community.

I’m proud of my 18 years of service to CSUMB but donating goes beyond service. It’s putting words into action. Donating shows a faith and belief in our university and the values we stand for, collectively and individually, both in good times and bad.

Veronica Flores, Director of Student Information Systems

Staff co-chair

What are the staff and faculty initiatives and how can I contribute to them?

Find your passion and how you want to give.

Some Top Choices

  • Student Emergency Fund
  • Providing for Student Success
  • Academic Excellence
  • Funding Program Innovation
  • Building Leading-Edge Facilities
  • Discretionary Funds