Building Leading Edge Facilities Initiative

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
200-Seat Film Classroom
The 200-Seat Film Classroom is designed to support state of the art film display for our large film class and film series lecture/events. The space will host events that invite community and campus to appreciate student films.

Visual & Public Art Gallery 
The Visual & Public Art Gallery will afford students the opportunity to practice exhibiting their work as well as opportunity for faculty and guest artist exhibitions. Artist talks, gallery walk-throughs, panels and lectures will expound on themes that reflect CSUMB's vision statement.

College of Science
Lead Gift for Science Building
CSUMB cannot meet its commitment to science education to serve our region and the state without a new, modern teaching laboratory and research building for science and agriculture.

Student Success Center
There exists opportunity to expand capacity in a Student Success Center that ensures support for all student groups, including the creation of a Graduate and Credential Student Success Center that focuses on the particular needs of post-baccalaureate students. While such students are welcome in the Collaborative Learning Center, the reality is that all of our tutoring services are presently designed for undergraduate students. Dedicated space in the Student Success Center also allows for a place for graduate and credential students to call their own, further developing the sense of a graduate culture on campus.

Library Digital Lab and Classroom
Primary source literacy is an essential facet of the Library’s Archives and Special Collections program. Archives and Special Collections supports the integration of local primary source materials into the curriculum, with students gaining hands-on, practical experience in preserving, analyzing, transcribing, interpreting, and publishing special materials. There is an immediate need for a classroom and work space for primary source literacy sessions and classes. This initiative will provide space and equipment for students to work collaboratively with Archives and Special Collections materials, help to build, furnish, and program an interdisciplinary, collaborative space for digital scholarship, particularly digital humanities, and enable faculty to organize courses around specific collections.

Makerspace Hub
The Makerspace Hub will provide equipment, supplies, expertise, and space to support exploration, discovery, and creative integration of academic and practical skills, while supporting conceptualization, design, building, and evaluation of interdisciplinary projects. This collaborative program will create an experimental, collaborative learning space in the Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library where students can participate in an interdisciplinary community of innovators and “makers.”

Otter Sports Center Renovation
The Otter Sports Center is CSUMB's only indoor recreational and intramural space for 7,500 students. Significant renovation is required to address student-centered priorities including upgraded bathrooms and locker rooms, expanded strength and conditioning spaces, and team meeting rooms.

Otter Sports Complex Lighting
Installation of new lights at the Otter Sports Complex will make possible expanded evening recreational, intramural and club programming. While installing new lighting will benefit all of CSUMB's student population, it will also have the favorable effect of bringing our outdoor facilities into compliance with NCAA and conference requirements for hosting baseball and soccer championship events.