Academic Excellence Initiative

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Endowed Faculty Scholarship
The Endowed Faculty Scholarship supports the expansion of scholarship of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Ph.D. faculty through research and expertise development. The purpose of this endowment is to allow post-doctoral work which increases faculty scholarship and intellectual property that can then be transmitted through their teaching in order to enhance their prestige within their disciplines.

College of Business
Sustainable Hospitality Endowed Professor
Partnerships and programs the College is establishing make it imperative that an ambitious, innovative scholar-practitioner, cognizant of place and purpose, lead the program. The future of hospitality flourishes in the Monterey Bay region, and endowing this professorship will support that effort.

Agribusiness Endowed Professor
A newly endowed Professorship of Agribusiness will lead a program focused on perishable commodities, post-harvest supply chain management, precision agriculture, new frontier, or vertical, agriculture, and sustainability.

College of Education
English Learner Endowed Professor
The Monterey Institute for English Learners in the School of Education partners with local school districts to prepare and support bilingual teachers. Credentialed teachers with a Bilingual Authorization and those participating in Institute-designed professional development programs will be well positioned to support California's commitment to English Learners.

Service Learning Endowed Professor
Deeply embedded in the structure of our unique general education curriculum is Service Learning, which also holds a special place in the curricular advancing of our vision. As such, an endowed professorship demonstrates the continuing commitment to innovation in service learning, including the cutting-edge work in international and online service learning. Students benefit from such an endowment as it expands our capacity to remain leaders in the scholarship of service learning and our ability to recruit and retain talented and creative service learning faculty leadership as the Institute and the campus mature.