Dining Services

Green Box Program

With our Green Box program, you can fill up a reusable Green Box and take food out of the Dining Commons to-go!

How to Join

To join the Green Box Program, please visit the Dining Commons front desk. There is a one-time fee of $10 which you can pay for this with card or cash. This fee will need to be renewed per semester.

Once a part of the program, you will be able to borrow a Green Box to use for take-out from the Dining Commons whenever you would like! The Green Box, shown on the right, is a large reusable take-out box with three compartments.

WARNING: It is not microwave safe.

How it the program works

After taking home your reusable Green Box and enjoying your meal, bring in your used Green Box to the DC the next time you come in and we will wash it for you and give you a clean one.

Don't want another Green Box right now but want to return your used one? You may return your used Green Box and ask for a Green Box Program key ring! This allows us to identify that you are still a part of the Green Box program the next time you ask to borrow a Green Box.

*Our stock of Green Boxes are to be SHARED between the students of the CSUMB campus. Please refrain from holding onto used Green Boxes without returning them because it means others cannot use them.

Returning your Green Box at the end of the semester

Too many of our Green Boxes unfortunately end up being lost, taken, or thrown away at the end of each semester, which are expensive for us to replace and defeats the purpose of the program.

At the end of each semester, please return any Green Boxes you may have to the Dining Commons front desk so that we can clean them and keep them for use next semester. We appreciate your help in keeping this amazing program alive!