Volunteer Opportunities & Events

Continuing the vision

An important aspect of the CSUMB's vision statement is about giving back to our community. The idea of "continuing the vision" is about encouraging alumni to continue to support their community after graduation. When Alumni continue to make a difference after graduation it sets an example for current and future students about what it means to be a CSUMB graduate. Many alumni continue the Vision and give back to others both personally and professionally. Join your fellow alumni in continuing the Vision through some of these volunteer opportunities!

Join the board of directors

The CSUMB Alumni Association Board of directors meets one evening per quarter, and participates in university events as they are available. The board works to promote and raise funds for the university, host networking events that connect alumni to one another and the campus, and keep alumni informed of campus growth and activities.

Event support

Alumni volunteers can support a wide range of university events. Volunteer positions may include set up or take down, ushering, staffing an alumni booth, and other various tasks.


Commencement Ceremony volunteers staff the Alumni Association presence, helping new graduates learn about the association and selling CSUMB Alumni merchandise (proceeds benefit scholarships).

Contact Us

Interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities? Please contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@csumb.edu or 831-582-GRAD