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California Open Educational Resources Council OER Adoption Study: Using Open Educational Resources in the College Classroom

Affordable Learning Spring 2015 TLA Co-op Presentation

Electronic vs. print formats and student learning

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Academic library perspectives

Highlights from the 2015 Association of College and Research Libraries Conference

Alternative Texts: Creating, Maintaining, and Supporting an Open Access Textbook Project on Your Campus

Steven Irving and Phil Roché

Assessing Faculty Perceptions and Use of Open Education Resources (OERs)

Brian Young

Ebook Showdown: Evaluating Academic Ebook Platforms from a User Perspective

Christina Mune and Ann Agee

Exploring the Student E-Book Experience

Kendall Hobbs and Diane Klare

Open Textbooks and OERs: Librarians as Engaged Partners in Campus Initiatives

Mary Ann Cullen and Ann Mallard

Saving our Students: Higher Education Affordability Issues and the Expanding Role of Libraries with Open Educational Resources

Kristi Jensen, Sarah Cohen, Dana Ospina and Shan Sutton


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