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Affordable Learning at CSUMB is a resource for faculty interested in using no- or low-cost digital content in their courses instead of costly commercially published textbooks. Faculty participating in the Affordable Learning Initiative are available to help other interested faculty choose and design high-quality learning materials.

For more on affordable learning, visit the CSU Affordable Learning Solutions website.

Affordable Learning Initiative

  • Develop and maintain expertise in practices for using no- or low-cost digital content in CSUMB courses.
  • Support adoption by faculty of quality educational content that is affordable for their students.
  • Advocate and promote use of library resources, low-cost or alternatively published reading materials, do-it-yourself authoring tools, and bookstore resources.
  • Advise on copyright and accessibility.
  • Provide opportunities for faculty to showcase their use of affordable learning materials.
  • Assist faculty via direct point-of-need contact, lunch-and-learn sessions, and Affordable Learning Initiative website.