Academically Disqualified (DQ) from CSUMB

Students who have been disqualified from CSUMB can become eligible for enrollment once again through the process of readmission after a minimum of one academic year. Readmission refers only to admission to the University. Individual programs may decline to allow a student to return to the program. In order for a returning student's file to be reviewed, students must submit new transcripts from all institutions previously attended (except for CSUMB transcripts).

Undergraduate Students

  • Wait a minimum of one year (two semesters) from the term you were disqualified before attempting to appeal. Additional semesters may be necessary.
  • Submit a new application through Cal State Apply during the application period – with your $70.00 application fee.
  • Submit a completed appeal form via your Dashboard by Oct. 15th for Spring applicants and Feb. 15th for Fall applicants.
  • Pass a minimum of 12 transferable units with a grade of C or better. Additional units may be necessary.
  • Must maintain cumulative GPA of 2.4 or greater for all transferable units taken after disqualification from CSUMB.
  • Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above for ALL units (including CSUMB units).
  • Must complete ALL general education (GE) requirements.
  • Must be in good standing at the last school attended.
  • For Fall applicants, all requirements must be met by the preceding Spring term.
  • For Spring applicants, all requirements must be met by the preceding Summer term.
  • Spring applicants - Final (previously attended) and In Progress (currently attending) documents are due in our office by October 15.
  • Fall applicants - Final (previously attended) and In Progress (currently attending) documents are due in our office by March 15.

All readmissions submitted to CSUMB are reviewed by a committee. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission to CSU Monterey Bay. Approvals are based upon a student's documented good-faith efforts to improve academic standing and improve circumstances within their control that directly resulted in the disqualification. Students may take courses at CSU Monterey Bay through Open University or any accredited institution (e.g. community college or University).

Graduate Students

There are three levels of Reinstatement and readmission:

A) First Disqualification:

Students may appeal immediately for reinstatement only (readmission is not required in this case) after the first Academic or Academic-Administrative Disqualification. The Reinstatement Petition for Disqualified Graduate form below must be completely filled out and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for processing. A program committee will make the final decision in concert with the appropriate Dean.

Appeals deadlines must be met (see Office of Graduate Studies site for specific dates for each semester), even if the student does not intend to return to CSUMB that term. Students who do not attend the first term after reinstatement need to discuss the need for a Leave of Absence request after reinstatement; otherwise, the student may have to reapply to the program.

B) Second Disqualification:

a. Second Academic Disqualification: Students who are Academically Disqualified after reinstatement will not be considered for reinstatement until a year has elapsed since being Disqualified. Students who intend to return after the year will need to reapply to the program prior to filing for reinstatement; however, students should expect to meet with the program coordinator prior to submitting an application for readmission. b. Administrative-Academic Disqualification: Students who are AdministrativeAcademically Disqualified after a previous disqualification of any type are not eligible for reinstatement.

C) Third Academic Disqualification:

Students academically disqualified for a third time will not be reinstated.

Students interested in reinstatement must sign and submit the REINSTATEMENT PETITION FOR DISQUALIFIED GRADUATE form to the Office of Graduate Studies in Building 1 (Administration) or via email at