Wait List

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  • You are only permitted to wait list up to 8 units of coursework during a single term
  • You must verify you have no time conflicts or any other registration blocks that would prevent enrollment from wait list
  • You must not register and wait list in different sections of the same course.
  • You are responsible for monitoring your schedule in OASIS self-service
  • You are responsible for dropping yourself from the wait list for any course you decided you no longer wish to add
  • You will need a schedule adjustment form (with instructor signature) once the term begins. Your wait list position will only be used for faculty reference.

Step 1

Navigation: OASIS > Main Menu > Self-Service > Student Center > Academics > Enroll

Step 1 Enroll

Step 2

Select a Term and click the green continue button

Step 2 Select Term

Step 3

Once a course has been selected, if the course is full the course will show as Wait List.

Please Note: You will have the option of either finding another class (or class section); or putting yourself on the Wait List for that class.

Step 3 Select Class

Step 4

Go to "Class Preferences" section page and check Wait List if Class is Full box. Then click "Next".

Step 4 Class Preferences

Step 5

Verify class information then click the green "Finish Enrolling" button

Step 5 Finish Enrolling

Step 6

Verify the Class Status is Success.

Step 6 Verify Status

Step 7

Click the "My Class Schedule" Tab. Status will indicate "Waiting" and Wait List Position will indicate your number in the Wait List line.

Step 7 My Class Schedule