View your Class Schedule

Click here for Additional Assistance Logging into the CSUMB Dashboard

Step 1

Main Menu > Self-Service > Student Center > Academics section.

Step 1 Academics

Step 2

From the drop down menu, select "Class Schedule" (opens My Class Schedule tab/page).

Step 2 Class schedule

Step 3

Under the My Class Schedule section, select a term and click the green continue button.

Step 3 Continue button

Step 4

A list of your classes also displays in the Academics section of your Student Center page.

Step 4 Student center

Step 5

Click the Weekly Schedule link (below the list) as alternate way to open My Class Schedule page.

Step 5 weekly schedule

Please Note: This is your current class schedule, not the Wish List for a proposed schedule of classes for a future term.

Step 6

For students who have classes after 6pm: Under My class schedule, change the end time to 10:00pm and then click the "Refresh Calendar" button to view all classes.

Step 6 Refresh Calendar