Student Admissions Inquiry

The Admissions Inquiry component is used by numerous CSUMB staff to view (but not update) various types of student application information including:

  1. Content information (mail, phone, email)
  2. Application data (application status, fees, EOP interest)
  3. Prior education data (including test scores and transcript status)
  4. Checklist Item(s) needed (application fees, test scores, transcripts due, etc.)
  5. Comments entered for an applicant
Admissions Inquiry

1) Academic Institution: Is the ONLY required field (MB000 for CSUMB)

2) Use any available as search criteria for the student including:

  • Career
  • Program
  • Admit Term
  • Last Name
  • First Name (Used with last name narrows the search)

3) Use the look up feature to identify available options for each field.

4) Click on "Search" to obtain search results.

Additional Note: Term (used by all including Extended Ed)

Example: Fall, 2011 or [2114]

2= Century

11= Year

1/2/3/4= Term (Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall)