Setting up Parent Accounts from Student Payments

Click here for Additional Assistance Logging into the CSUMB Dashboard

Step 1

Navigation: Main Menu > Self-Service> Student Center > Finances. Click on the "Make a Payment" link under the Finances tab.

Step 1 Make a Payment

Step 2

Click on "Your Account"

Step 2 Your Account

Step 3

In the "Parent PINs" section, Click on the "Add New" button

Step 3 Parent PINs

Step 4

In the Parent PIN Information section:

  • Choose a parent pin for the authorized payer (a unique PIN is required)
  • Enter and confirm their email address
  • Optional: Add a note to the welcome email

Please Note: If the Parent PIN is already taken by another user, you'll see the error message "Parent PIN already exists" and you'll need to choose a different log inname.

Step 4 Confirm

Please Note: "Your Parent" will be required to log in and change their password.

If you already have a Parent Pin, click on this CashNet link to log in to make your payment.