Edit Classes

Click here for additional assistance logging into the CSUMB Dashboard

Step 1

Navigation: Main Menu > Self-service > Student Center > Academic box

Shows academics link

Step 2

Click the Enroll link

Shows enroll link

Step 3

Click the Edit link

Shows enrollment link options

Step 4

Select a class to edit. Only those classes that can be edited are available for selection.

Shows edit classes page

Step 5

Edit classes as needed and click 'next' button.

Shows enrollment preferences page with grading basis option

If the class has a student option grading basis, you can change the grading using the drop down menu on the enrollment preferences page. Grading can be changed until the add/drop deadline.

Shows class enrollment options for related class edits

If the class has related sections (i.e. lecture or discussion), you can select different related sections by using the radio buttons on the related class sections page. Related sections can be changed until the end of the online add period.

Step 6

Review any selected changes and click the 'finish editing' button to confirm.

Shows edit class confirmation page