Drop a Class (Drop Online Only during priority and open enrollment periods)

Click here for Additional Assistance Logging into the CSUMB Dashboard

Step 1

Navigation: Main Menu > Self-service > Student Center > Academics

Step 1 Academics

Step 2

Under the drop down menu, select "Enrollment: Drop" and click the double arrows to continue

Step 2 Enrollment Drop

Step 3

Select term and then click the green continue button

Step 3 Select Term

Step 4

Find the class you wish to drop.

  • Check the box to the left of the class.
  • Then click the "Drop Selected Classes" button
Step 4 Select Classes to Drop

Step 5

Review the class information, then click the "Finishing Dropping" button

Step 5 Finish Dropping

Step 6

Message should say "Success". Select the "My Class Schedule" button to confirm the class was dropped in the View Results page.

Step 6 View Results