Check Your Account Balance

Click here for Additional Assistance Logging into the CSUMB Dashboard

Step 1

Under the Finances tab, using the drop down menu select "Account Activity" then select the arrows to continue to next page.

OASIS Screenshot

Step 2

Summary Tab: "What I Owe" section displays what is due now and what is due in the future by term.

OASIS Screenshot

Step 3

Activity Tab: Displays transaction activity by date range.

OASIS Screenshot

Step 4

Enter From and To dates then click the green "Go"button

OASIS Screenshot

Step 5

Enter specific term or All Terms the click the green "Go" button. Transactions (descriptions, charges, payments and/or refunds are listed.

OASIS Screenshot

Step 6

Click the Make Payment button. This will take you directly into the CashNet system.

OASIS Screenshot