The College of Extended Education and International Programs (EEIP) is a self-supported interdisciplinary college that aims to foster a more global and interconnected campus by strategically partnering with university, community, educational, business, and international allies.

The College broadens access to academic programs and educational resources to regional, national, and international audiences by offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional development courses and certificates, and a breadth of international education programs.

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Through EEIP's international outreach efforts, CSUMB enjoys a large population of international students who are deeply integrated into campus life for periods ranging from 3-week American Language And Culture programs to full multi-year undergraduate and graduate degrees, and everything in between. Conversely, dozens of domestic students are sent abroad each semester and summer to study and absorb other cultures, bringing back to the campus an enriched understanding of global affairs and ideas.

Through our for-credit Academic units and Professional Development office, Extended Education works to make learning opportunities available to meet the needs of enrolled university students, working adults and members of the surrounding communities pursuing personal interests through university study. Students can take individual courses on or off campus or online at any time of the year thanks to EEIP and can earn a degree, certificate or continuing education unit.

EEIP is unique from other academic colleges because it is interdisciplinary, multi-modal, and is not bound by specific subject areas. Its growth can and does happen in nearly every direction, and depends greatly on solid partnerships formed at the local and global levels. This dedication to collaboration is felt in all programs offered by EEIP and puts the College at an advantage in its ability to swiftly and effectively lead into new and innovative territories.

With the help of Extended Education and International Programs, the University is continually developing new courses and programs to serve the needs of CSUMB students and community members.

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