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Tuesday, November 29 2022

  • Otterlands Election Day

    Otterlands is CSU Monterey Bay's annual spring concert! We invite you all have the opportunity to chose which genre you would like hear at Otterlands! Meet us in the OSU Plaza for Otterlands Election Day with music and games to make your voice heard!

  • How to Become a Teacher

    Get introductory information on the steps, requirements, and recommendations towards becoming a teacher. ALL MAJORS WELCOME!

  • Power Yoga w/ Monterey Bay Moves

    Power yoga will lead you through sun salutations as well as different standing poses to warm up and strengthen the body.

  • ADLC Presents: An Antidote to Alienation

    Join ADLC for a practice-centered event on healing, reconnecting, and building bonds of ecological and communal reciprocity. The goals of this event are to establish a theoretical framework for understanding how settler colonial capitalism alienates us from the products of our labor, from each other, and from the land, discuss why alienation is a problem and the harm it causes, learn and engage in practices for community building and healing alienated relationships