Early Outreach & Support Programs

Parent Resources for 1st Year Students

It is encouraged for parents to find the webpage designed for parents of students that attend that particular institution. For instance, parents who have a student enrolled at CSU Monterey Bay can find the parent page by clicking on this link.

Parents can find important campus and student related information as well as sign up to receive newsletters and emails.

Financial Aid

FAFSA Renewal

Every year that your student is in college, they will need to renew their financial aid application. The reason for this is to account for any change in family income and will be used to determine how much aid will be offered to your student that year. This video shows a step by step guide on how to renew the FAFSA application.

How to repay student loans

There are times when a student has to resort to taking out school loans to help pay for college expenses. This video includes an overview about loan repayment strategies your student can use to decrease stress and overwhelming feelings.

Can my student still apply for scholarships?

Students can apply for scholarships every year that they are enrolled in college. Some scholarships are renewable, so if your student is awarded a scholarship, encourage them to ask if they are able to receive the same award the following school year. Keeping a log of the scholarships they applied to or will apply can help with maintaining all the information in one place and making sure they don't miss any deadlines.

What resources are available for my student?

Getting acclimated to your student's first year of college can take some time and it may be helpful to visit this link: planning and registering for classes, support services, and campus involvement. Thankfully most colleges offer services that can be used when looking for help with academic, personal, social, health, financial and other basic needs.

Many students are unaware of what is offered and could go their entire college years without using any services. Here are some examples of what resources may be available so you can encourage your student to seek assistance at their college campus if necessary.