Early Outreach & Support Programs


The CAASPP achievement standards (EAP Results) provide an early indicator for a grade eleven student’s readiness for college-level coursework. Meeting the standard can help you avoid the need for additional testing and developmental courses upon entering the California State University or California Community College.

CAASPP-EAP results

Your school may provide you with your CAASPP and EAP results within 2-4 weeks after all schools in the district have completed testing. This report indicates how you performed on the grade eleven CAASPP.

  • You can also determine your EAP status through the Online EAP Status Check
  • Visit the EAP Status page for a detailed explanation of your EAP results and tips for preparing for the CSU.
  • Please keep your EAP results in a safe place. If you did not select the option to release your EAP results to the CSU or participating California Community College, you will be required to submit the results at a later date.
  • For a list of participating CCC’s visit www.cccco.edu/eap

Entendiendo el Reporte de Calificaciones Individual de CAASPP del Estudiante.