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Equity & Inclusion on Education: The Intersections of Race, class and Gender in the Teacher Preparation of an African American Social Justice Educator (Michelle G. Knight)

The Century Foundation: Promoting Inclusion and Identity Safety to Support College Success

Inside Higher Education: Recruitment, Diversity and Success

AAC&U Step Up & Lead for Equity: What Higher Education Can Do to Reverse Our Deepening Divides

AAC&U Committing to Equity and Inclusive Excellence: A Campus Guide for Self-Study and Planning

ACE: A matter of excellence-A Guide To Strategic Diversity Leadership And Accountability In Higher Education


October 2016 The White House: Presidential Proclamation -- National Disability Employment Awareness Month

September 18, 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education: Teaching Against Islamophobia in the Age of Terror

September 18, 2016 The Chronicle of Higher Education: How 4 Professors Built Careers Despite Mental-Health Struggles

August 04, 2016 The New York Times: Racism in the Research Lab

June 22, 2016 Inside Higher Ed: A Controversial 25 Seconds

June 03, 2016 Inside Higher Ed: Diversifying the Presidency

May 24, 2016 Inside Higher Ed: Discussing Past Suicide Attempts, Cincinnati President Aims to Lessen Stigma

May 20, 2016 Los Angeles Times: 62 years after Brown vs. Board of Education ruling, U.S. schools are becoming more segregated

April 13, 2016 Inside Higher Ed: Allies and Microaggressions

March 2, 2016 ACE Higher Education Today: Embracing Student Activism

February 26, 2016 The New York Times:The Faces of American Power

January 5, 2016 The Chronicle: The Flagship Diversity Divide

February 2015-Developing Workplace Strategies: Balancing Work & Family Responsibilities: A Guidebook for Parent Support Providers

August 07, 2015 Work Less. Play More. Go to Sleep.

July 21, 2015 "7 Myths about Campus Diversity"

May 15, 2014: Who Gets to Graduate? (The NewYork Times)

January 4, 2014: Can Upward Mobility Cost You Your Health? (The NewYork Times)

June 09, 2013: How Colleges Measure the Return on Diversity (The Chronicle of Higher Education)


The Chronicle of Higher Education: Ask Me: What LGBTQ students want their professors to know.

Asian-Pacific Islander

African American

September 3, 2015 Silicon Valley, Seeking Diversity, Focuses on Blacks


Combined destinies: whites sharing grief about racism

CSUMB Health and Wellness Services Founding Director Co-Authors Book

Beginning a Conversation that encourages self-examination and compassion

Caroline T. Haskell, along with Ann Todd Jealous, co-authored and co-edited a book that examines how white Americans have been hurt by the very ideology that their ancestors created.

Book Can be purchased at CSUMB Bookstore

Book synopsis and Author's Website:

Strategic diversity leadership

Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education

Damon A. Williams is the Associate Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost & Chief Diversity Officer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a clinical member of the faculty in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. He leads a dedicated CDO division and has worked with over 200 organizations interested in developing cutting-edge strategic diversity capabilities. His professional focus is in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development, chief diversity officer design, establishing dedicated diversity infrastructures, change management, youth development, program evaluation, and assessing diversity outcomes.

Book can be purchased at CSUMB Bookstore