Office of Inclusive Excellence and Sustainability

President's Committee on Equity & Inclusion

The President’s Committee on Equity and Inclusion is an advisory body to the President. It has representatives from all divisions on campus. The primary responsibility of the committee is to provide campus leadership and be accountable for efforts that promote an equitable and inclusive campus community.


2022-2023 Members

  • Alvarado, Claudia Ext Ed Admissions Advisor, Admissions 
  • Alvarez, Ana EOP Associate Director
  • Attia Amir Assistant Professor, College of Science
  • Barkhoff, Harald Dean CHSHS
  • Bolander, Mad Associated Students Diversity & Inclusion Senator
  • Burton, Maddison Human Resources Director, University Corporation
  • Childs, Brian Director of EEIP Student Services & International Enrollment Mgmt
  • Chow-Garcia, Nizhoni Director of Inclusive Excellence
  • Corpening, Brian Associate Vice President of Inclusive Excellence
  • Dawson, Rick Associate Director, Leadership Development & Student Recreation
  • Dominno-Cailles, Anna Student Disability and Accessibility Center (SDAC) Advisor
  • Draper Rodriguez, Cathi College of Education
  • Garcia, Briana ASC Advancement
  • Gomez, Victoria OC3 Coordinator
  • Gonzalez, Angel (Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellow) Professor, COB
  • Goings, Steven Mental Health Counselor & NCBI Director, PGCC
  • Horvath, Tom Associate Dean, College of Science
  • Kantardjieff, Katherine Provost
  • Kersnar, Rebecca Teaching Learning & Assessment
  • King, Natalie AVP Human Resources
  • Lavilla, Carmen OC3 Student Coordinator 
  • Lopez-Littleton, Vanessa Associate Professor CHSHS
  • Mackey, Stephen Associate Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Martin, Joshelyn Assistant Director of Residential Life
  • McKenzie, Sophia Huang Senior Writer/Editor
  • Medina, Rudy OC3 Director
  • Mohamed, Taseem Academic Advisor
  • Morales, Jacob OC3 Student Liaison
  • Ortiz, Bernadette Admin, Office of Inclusive Excellence
  • Raak, Lacey Director, Office of Inclusive Excellence & Sust.
  • Sekine, Shigeko Chair WLC (CAHSS)
  • Shelton, Ibrahim Lecturer, Service Learning, ALCP, FY
  • Vega Delgado, Esthefany COE Graduate Student, OIES Student Liaison
  • Waldrup-Patterson, Vivian Director for Teaching Learning & Assessment